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    MC beta srl

    Production facilities

    Mcbeta has two manufacturing plants. In Nonantola, the factory covers approximately 1.800 m2 covered where all the activities for the construction, assembly, overhauling and retooling of machinery are carried out. The processing line consists of various machinery, precision milling machines, turning machines, universal and tangential grinding, electric welders, automatic saws, etc.
    The plant also has a welding plant and a painting plant. The test and control room is equipped with many measuring instruments, electronic measuring and control equipment, vertical altimeters, micrometers for interiors and exteriors, gauges, pads and various detection instruments.
    In particular, a state-of-the-art coordinate precision machine from the Wenzel company is used in a constant temperature control room for the precision testing of the pieces. It is an LH-12-10-2500 coordinate measuring machine of the LH generation which is the newest of Wenzel's high-performance gantry measuring machines and is ideal for high-precision applications requiring high productivity. The machine is equipped with all the latest Renishaw probe systems, including REVO 5-axis, 3-axis or contact scanning systems and WENZEL, SHAPETRACER and Phoenix II optical sensors, the worktop is made of granite and has a area of ​​1450 × 3615, axis travel X 1200 - Y 2000 - Z 1000.

    Multiple Applications

    Industrial Sectors

    Industry Advanced Solutions

    The experience gained over time in this sector has allowed to MC beta Srl to expand their knowledge and skills from precision tooling to piece clamping equipment up to complete retooling of individual machines and / or complete production lines.

    • Transport industry
    • Earth-moving machines & Agriculture
    • General mechanics
    • Industry of machine tool manufacturers
    • Aerospace industry
    • Textile industry
    • Shipbuilding industry
    • Power industry


    • Complete machining
      of the cylinder head
    • Full machining
      engine block
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    • Gearbox machining
    • Box adaptors machining
    • Clutch housing machining
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    • Differential box machining
    • Processing of trimming and milling of gears, sleeves and primary shafts of the gear.


    • Full machining of gear motors
    • Machining of brake units
    • Complete processing of pumps for various industrial sectors
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    • fixed or palletized type
    • hydraulic or mechanical
    • for a particular part or an entire family of parts
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    Our Customers are spread all over the world.

    MC beta Srl has always addressed a wide audience of customers, both in Italy and abroad.